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v chippenham - Page 2 Empty Re: v chippenham

Post by LB Sun Dec 27, 2020 7:07 pm

Ironically one of the most balanced ‘away’ commentators this season was the one at Dorking who had driven us all mad with his comments during the playoff game! He seemed to know a bit about our players and reacted sensibly to any controversial incidents.

Disappointed that Mark isn’t doing the commentary tomorrow and will be listening out for any mention of the ‘Bristol Street End’!


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v chippenham - Page 2 Empty Re: v chippenham

Post by pete mac Sun Dec 27, 2020 7:29 pm

Just watched the excellent highlights and commentary on you tube. We are very lucky to have such a good production at City.

I am not going to criticise others. Stuck here in tier 3 Derbyshire I’m grateful I can see the games.

Wilson should never have been sent off. Puddy deliberately acted to get him off. Not a great thing to see but I guess he can live with himself. Hope we can beat them on 2/1. Only way to deal with cheats.

pete mac

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