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World Cup Betting Compo

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Post by Midsomer-steve Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:28 pm

Agree woith you entirely about 'real' betting. Before Mark enticed me down the road to watch City c2000 I spent many a frustrating hour on Saturday afternoons watching my money disappearing down the drain - at least as much as it would have cost me to enjoy the footie. Besides attending the odd race meeting these days only having a fun bet on the National persuades me to give the bookis any of my pension. I wouldn't even think of betting on any other sport, including football. As you say, the end results of your 'friendly' betting comps says it all.

Thanks for your last comment - looking forward to our comp' for the new season - hope all the old guard take up the challenge again and that it encourages even more people to indulge in this completely harmless bit of fun.

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