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New Season

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New Season Empty New Season

Post by PSJRoman Sat May 21, 2022 4:28 pm

Looking ahead to the new season it`s good to see another local team in our league, (Taunton Town), as opposed to one from Essex or Kent. It means less travel expense as well as more fans from both clubs being able to follow their teams bringing more interest & bigger gates. But being close geographically brings its own problems, as when it comes to recruitment both clubs will be fishing in the same pool. At the moment I believe we have at least two players (Cooke & Fletcher) who travel up from Devon for matches & training, so Taunton Town could become an attractive alternative to some players from that region. Taunton is half as big again as Yeovil & from what I can gather the Football Club are quite ambitious and so it will be interesting to see how they approach the coming season. I think Jerry & the Board will have more competition this summer recruiting a team good enough for the top half of the League, so will the budget need to be be increased? I look forward to an interesting close season.


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New Season Empty Re: New Season

Post by comrade powell Sat May 21, 2022 7:28 pm

Good points. And don't forget that Weymouth join us as well and could also be competing for signings...

comrade powell
comrade powell

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New Season Empty Re: New Season

Post by LB Mon May 23, 2022 4:41 pm

Cody Cooke is already signed on for next season (as is Elliott Frear) but I could see there being some competition for Fletcher especially with the prospect of less travelling - hopefully we can keep him as I wouldn't fancy him playing against us!

As for the budget, it will be interesting to see what happens. I think last season it was boosted by the balance of the crowdfunder - presumably this helped us to sign the likes of Gerring... - but we don't have that luxury this time, although we did have the bonus of the increased gates last season. I think it could be an interesting summer.


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New Season Empty Re: New Season

Post by BenE Mon May 23, 2022 8:43 pm

We have the Robbie Cundy money but I don't know whether it was spent last season

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New Season Empty Re: New Season

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