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Redevelopment rejected

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Redevelopment rejected - Page 2 Empty Re: Redevelopment rejected

Post by Peter Newman Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:55 pm

I think Luton Roman has alluded to the potential  problems for the Club with its majority shareholding being held by the Society. That means there is limited or no prospect of any external investment without that investor having some form of  control.  

Currently with the current virus situation  the public health is the priority but its impact on the UK and world economy is also  frightening.  The massive losses on the various stock exchanges will mean the sort of person or entity  who is planning to invest in a football club may not have the capacity to do so. What is more is those clubs that have sort of investment, currently, may well  find it  withdrawn in the future. For example will Emirates  still be able to provide financial support to Asenal.

If our planning application had been successful would Greenacre still been in a position to proceed with the development?

Peter Newman

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Redevelopment rejected - Page 2 Empty Re: Redevelopment rejected

Post by LB Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:31 pm

Peter's point is a very valid one. I think that quite a few clubs could be in serious trouble if the suspension of the season goes on for too long - for our part we may well miss out on four potential near four-figure gates. Interesting and worrying times.


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