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Ideas for the Supporters Club please!

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Ideas for the Supporters Club please! Empty Ideas for the Supporters Club please!

Post by comrade powell Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:24 pm

Unfortunately we had to cancel last night's quiz evening, as only 10 people turned up. Although I'm sure we will discuss the possibility of holding further ones, it looks like there is no longer an appetite amongst supporters for these events. I appreciate that holding it at 6 pm on a Saturday with foul weather may have been a turn off but our usual Friday evening quiz was very poorly supported last time - hence yesterday's experiment with a post-match event.

Along with our other activities, the quizzes were organised simply to raise funds for the football club. We have managed to hand over at least £10k each season, which has been used especially for the team's travel and training facilities and helping with the wages of loan players. Obviously the more we raise, the more the club benefits.

Ideally we would have someone with expertise in fundraising on the SC committee and if there's anyone reading this who fits the bill then please get in touch! In the meantime we'll do our best, but enthusiasm wanes when, as happened last night, a lot of effort goes to waste.

At each monthly committee meeting we discuss fundraising ideas for the club. At our next one it would be good to have some fresh ideas, so if you have any please share them below. And it would be good to see if you'd be willing to support such suggestions if the idea was followed up.

comrade powell
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