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A year ago last Monday...

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A year ago last Monday... Empty A year ago last Monday...

Post by stillmanjunior Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:08 pm

It was Arch's final match in charge.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) will see Gary Owers oversee his 50th match since he returned as boss.

His record thus far:
Pld 49
W 18 (approx 37% win ratio)
D 16
L 15
F 71 (average of 1.45 per game)
A 57 (average of 1.16 per game)

Arch's final 49 matches in charge (for the record, first of those was Whitehawk away in February 2015):
W 14
D 13
L 22
F 70 (average of 1.43 per game)
A 81 (average of 1.65 per game)

I suppose the standout improvement is defensively. We conceded six in two matches against a truly woeful Farnborough side which just about summed it up (ok, we scored 14 in reply). We kept nine clean sheets in those 49 matches compared to 13 in Gary's 49. We've also failed to score in eight matches since GO took over, in the previous 49 games there were 13 separate occasions.

Gary Owers' first 49 matches in charge in his first spell:
W 23 (approx. 47% win ratio)
D 7
L 19
F 71 (average of 1.45 per game - exact same as his first spell)
A 58 (average of 1.18 per game - one more goal than first spell)

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A year ago last Monday... Empty Re: A year ago last Monday...

Post by BenE Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:21 pm

Really interesting stuff. Shows that win percentage is an unreliable barometer. He's done better in this spell than a win percentage of 37% suggests.

We are actually in a pretty comfortable position despite not winning at home for more than three months.

The other thing about Archie's tenure were that there were some absolutely dire games. You can't tell that from stats.

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