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Post by Roy D Hacksaw Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:34 pm

So, we had a first look at a few new singings, and a sniff at some trialists today. I don't know who they all were, but here's what I reckon on those who I could identify.

Stuart Fleetwood was unlucky to get a pretty nasty looking facial injury after about 15 minutes. We hadn't seen too much from him up to that point, but he looks busy, and likes to hustle defenders in a similar way to Mr Pratt.

He was replaced by Josh Hutchinson, who I know isn't strictly speaking a new boy, but seldom got more than a few minutes at the end of defeats last season. For the hour or so that he played he was arguably the best player on the pitch, and didn't seemed phased by the supposed Partick pros.

George Rigg looked useful, although started as right back rather than in the midfield slot we'd been led to believe. He looks composed on the ball, and is tenacious in the tackle, but again, not sure we've seen enough of him yet.

As a few people have already said, Manny Monthe was a surprise inclusion in the starting line up to those who remember his leaden performance against us for Havant last season. But the former QPR youth player had a solid game for us, and genuinely looked like he unnerved many of the Jags' forwards. He's a massive, imposing lunk of the kind we've not had in a long while, too. I'd like to see him a couple more times to see how he holds up against better sides.

Today's number eight Lee Marshall was another unexpected name. Don't know much about him, other than that he's 19 and comes from Swindon's youth squad, but he made a good account of himself, and if he's a free agent, he could be worth keeping an eye on. I was wondering if he's an early season loanee, though, as the manager has suggested that he'd be bagging a few.

Most of the subs were new faces, but the one who made the biggest impression was former Rovers youth Shaquille Hunter. His cracking goal could be one of the best we'll see all season, but the lad's got worrying previous. He was kicked out of the Gas side in the middle of a season for disciplinary issues, and has been languishing at Mangotsfield ever since, shy of a two week trial at City. But apparently he's highly rated, despite his problems, so he might be one of those lads we can turn around and convert into a decent player. Or he could be another Leon Jeanne. Who knows!

Of the others, Eilan Gordon played most of the second half, and kept busy for the most of it. Not sure where we've found him though. Sub keeper Korey Harvey is Plymouth youth, but to be fair he didn't have a lot to do. Callum Hall was another Plymouth lad, so clearly comes from GO's connections down there.

Most of the others were a bit similar and didn't make too much of an impression on what was by that point a dead rubber. These included Bristol City boy Ben Last, last year's occasional squad player Ryan Bole, as well as lads called Andrew Ellington - who looked small but chippy, Sam Bolton and Liam Evans. Anyone got any clues on where we may have found that lot?

I wonder which of these we'll ever see again, and which ones made a decent impression on the guvnor?

Roy D Hacksaw

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Rate The New Boys Empty Re: Rate The New Boys

Post by BenE Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:22 am

Hopefully Fleetwood will make a speedy recovery as he did look rusty and needs time on the pitch before the season starts. Man Mountain looked comfortable but  as has been said was not tested at all by a toothless Jags attack. But it may be a partnership with Batten works well.
Hutch was my MOM and on top of the bits we saw last season looks a prospect worth running with now.
Hunter looked capable but maybe not what we need at this level, a better defence would have snuffed him out.
Agree we would need to see more of these boys against a team that is going to present some sort of test but I did like Marshall. He was comfortable on the ball and put a decent shift in.

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Post by sned Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:57 am


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Rate The New Boys Empty Re: Rate The New Boys

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