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Article on BBCB in the Chronic

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Article on BBCB in the Chronic Empty Article on BBCB in the Chronic

Post by OliverH Fri May 13, 2016 10:33 am

I'm posting this in a personal capacity

The Chronicle has covered our latest update to pledgers:

However the journalist has used an unfortunate turn of phrase:

"[If successful] this would scrap the board which currently oversees the club"

This is not true and it's certainly not language that has come from the BBCB. As we said in our offer document last year, we would first put into place an interim board drawing on as much existing experience and skill as possible, alongside fresh blood and new ideas. When we eventually move to an elected board model, the current board members would of course be able to stand for election.

Paul Williams and the rest of the board have been tireless servants of the club and we hope that they will continue to make vital contributions under community ownership. We've contacted the Chron to make this clear.

Still good to see the Chronic is still showing an interest at least!! Also thank you to Peter Morgan for his letter, also published in this week's paper.

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