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Right, Ashley!

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Right, Ashley! Empty Right, Ashley!

Post by comrade powell Mon Jun 09, 2014 4:18 pm

Here's some world cup questions for you...

1) What do the following nations competing in Brasil have in common?
brazil, mexico, switzerland, chile, england, spain, usa, italy, uruguay

2) What record did Oleg Salenko set in the Russia/Cameroon match in 1994?

3) What was significant about Hakan Sukur's goal for turkey v S Korea in 2002?

4) What was significant about Ernie Brandts' 2 goals for Neth v Italy in 1978?

5) In finals tournaments, which teams have won/drawn/lost the most matches overall?

6) Which team have lost all 6 matches they have played at the finals?

7) What was significant about the Romania/Peru game in 1930?

Cool What was significant about Uli Stielike's penalty shoot out kick for W Germany v France in 1982?

9) England have taken 14 penalty shoot out kicks in finals - how many goals?

10) What was significant about Jose Batista's appearance for Uruguay v Scotland in 1986?

11) What do the coaches Bora Milutinovic and Carlos Alberto Parreira have in common?

12) Why should switzerland feel their elimination from the 2006 finals was unlucky?

13) Why should republic of ireland feel their reaching the QFs in  1990 was a tad lucky?

14) What was significant about Luis Monti's appearances in the 1st 2 finals?

15) Which team travelled 55 000 miles to qualify for the 1982 finals?

16) There have only been 2 WC winning coaches who also won it as a player. Which 2 coaches in Brazil can equal this feat?

17) Which nation holds the record of 19 for the most failed qualification attempts?

18) Which nation holds the record of 8 for the most knock outs in the QFs?

19) Which nation holds the record of 8 for the most appearances at the finals without progressing from the group stage?

20) which company will supply the most team kits in Brazil?
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