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Table after Braintree

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Table after Braintree Empty Table after Braintree

Post by Midsomer-chris Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:23 am

Attendance 784

Oh dear, I was a bit optimistic . . . . . . looks like people WERE still on holiday and cutting the grass Crying or Very sad

Congratulation to Beau Nash and Kermit for getting the only points this week. Better luck to everyone on Tuesday.

Beau Nash 50
Kermit  10
Ashley  0
Azlimey  0
BenE  0
ClaireK  0
Comrade Powell  0
LB  0
Luton Roman  0
Ma Gibbons 0
Manchester Romans  0
Midsomer-Steve  0
Rabbit  0
Sean  0
Midsomer-chris  0
Steve Whites Missus  0
2Weirdtown  0

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