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Don't panic!!!

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Don't panic!!! Empty Don't panic!!!

Post by LB Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:17 pm

Interesting interview with Jerry Gill in the Chronicle:

His comments about playing people out of position are interesting - presumably he decides to play them there (for example Jarvis on the left wing) rather than the players making those decisions themselves. He goes on to bemoan that we had a midfielder playing at right back on Saturday - if my memory serves me right that midfielder played in that position last season and apart from missing a couple of games through injury and suspension was virtually ever present.

Hopefully we can beat East Thurrock on Saturday or Jerry might be the only one who isn't worried!


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Don't panic!!! Empty Re: Don't panic!!!

Post by BenE Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:45 pm

I don't know why anyone should be panicking. Rome wasn't built in a day. Gerry needs time to get it all tuned and firing on all cylinders.

The quality of football is immeasurably better than we have been used to since the first season in the conf prem. There were already signs that the goals were becoming harder to come by before GO left. To be fair we do not have a single prolific scorer in the squad.

As Jerry says no one has been taking a chance on the near post and that is where I was expecting Jarvis to shine. Constantly going to the back post means the defenders get first dibs and with some of the giants we have faced that is always going to limit our opportunities.

No one wants to shoot and I would be happier if fans accepted it better when someone like Nick has a crack even if it doesn't come off. Too often there are moans when the ball flies high wide and handsome but to me I am happy that at least they are having a go. Setting their sights for a better chance so to speak.

I think the defence is solid especially now Miles is back and hopefully Richards will sit in the Chas Hemmings position giving our attacking midfielders the freedom to take more attacking liberty. I am encouraged.

Hopefully things will come together sooner rather than later but there is no need to press any panic buttons yet. We were left in the lurch after all by the previous incumbent.

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Don't panic!!! Empty Re: Don't panic!!!

Post by Luton Roman Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:54 pm

Totally agree Ben E. There are some poor teams near the bottom and the play offs have been expanded so we have got to be prepared for the long game with Jerry. Realistically he will get his players and shape the team in the summer. GO leaving at the time he did was bound to have a big impact. Let's keep the faith.

But if we lose Saturday he's toast! lol.

Luton Roman

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Don't panic!!! Empty Re: Don't panic!!!

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