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Basingstoke game

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Basingstoke game - Page 3 Empty Re: Basingstoke game

Post by stokie on Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:22 pm

comrade powell wrote:thanks stokie! one of the most agreeable things about our 2 years in conf prem was that clubs always thanked the visiting fans for coming and it's a tradition we've carried on. a pity the havant fans thought it was patronising when they came! considering you'd had a disappointing 1st game, that was a good turn out by your lot last night. see you later in the season, when we'll be top of the league...  Wink

Havant are a strange lot. Too close to Portsmouth for my liking. That was my first away game since when we played you at Twerton 2 seasons ago (1-1). Bath's a great city so we make a day of it!

You're gonna need to improve just a bit to be top of the league come January!

Marc Monitor wrote:
stokie wrote:Afternoon chaps,

Basingstoke fan here.

Just wanted to say thanks for your hospitality yesterday. We always find the club very welcoming when we visit.

Indeed, welcoming you with 7 points and 6 goals over the last three seasons Wink You have been the opponents for two of the worst matches I have seen at Twerton in the last couple seasons so, with the best will in the world, I hope we don't get you in any of the cups.

Our recent record at your place is very pleasing indeed! Don't worry, we're not usually as good as we were yesterday. That's the best Basingstoke away performance in my time supporting the club (5 years or so).


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Basingstoke game - Page 3 Empty Re: Basingstoke game

Post by Mark Tanner on Wed Aug 13, 2014 6:32 pm

Very good finishing from Basingstoke fair play, got to take your chances. There could have been a few more goals in that game, could have finished about 7-2 if the final balls were better.

Best of luck for the rest of the season, except for our visit to you  Cool 

I managed a painful write up of the game on my site too. Soon to be zipping down the news feed with another article tonight and tomorrow thankfully!
Mark Tanner
Mark Tanner

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