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Table after Dartford

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Table after Dartford Empty Table after Dartford

Post by Midsomer-chris Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:36 pm

Attendance  828

Firstly I would like to say Welcome   I love you   to the  new people who didn't do the competition last year : Bristol Mike,   Comrade Powell,   LB,  Luton Roman,   PhilB1973   and    Kermit. 
Commiserations to Comrade Powell who missed getting points by a whisker  Sad Better luck next time.

To all you "old hands" who were doing the competition last year Welcome Back  I love you

To those of you who did not get points this time. . . . . don't be discouraged . . . . . .try again next time. In the words of the famous Bob Chester "This is a marathon, not a sprint".  Smile 

Thank you TOVID for your comment . . . . . How about giving the competition a go for Tuesday ? 

The table after the first match is as follows : 

Ma Gibbons 25
Rabbit  20
Midsomer-Chris  20
Bristol Mike  15
Ashley  5
Beau Nash  5
Azlimey   0
BenE   0
Claire K   0
Comrade Powell   0
Kermit   0
LB   0
Luton Roman   0
Midsomer-Steve   0
PhilB1973   0
Sean   0
2Weirdtown   0

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