SC coach travel information + fares 17-18

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SC coach travel information + fares 17-18

Post by comrade powell on Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:09 pm

The SC committee have decided on the following for the coming season...

There will be separate fares for adults and concessions, with a difference of £2, based on an average of 22 travelling. 'Concessions' will continue to include senior citizens aged 60+ and those receiving full time education (children + students)

Those under the age of 18 who are accompanied by an adult will be charged 50% of the concessions' fare (rounded up to the nearest pound).

Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Those wishing to travel one way, either to or from the match, must contact Martin Brush in advance on the understanding that priority will be given to those travelling both ways. Singles will be 50% of the return fare.

The committee have decided to continue a sliding scale of reduced fares for those trips when more than 22 travel. When this is expected, it will be announced beforehand on the forum. You can see where this applied on previous trips here...

Before booking, supporters should be aware of the SC's terms & conditions which can be viewed at...

The prices are as follows for adults/concessions/accompanied children….

Eastbourne, Truro
Supp club members: £35/£33/£17
Non members: £39/£37/£21

Concord, Whitehawk, Chelmsford, Dartford, Bognor, Braintree, East Thurrock, Welling
Supp club members: £34/£32/£16
Non members: £38/£36/£20

Wealdstone, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead
Supp club members: £32/£30/£15
Non members: £36/£34/£19

Poole, Hampton & Richmond
Supp club members: £29/£27/£14
Non members: £33/£31/£18

Supp club members: £28/£26/£13
Non members: £32/£30/£17

Hungerford, Oxford
Supp club members: £24/£22/£11
Non members: £28/£26/£15

Supp club members: £14/£12/£6
Non members: £18/£16/£10

Chippenham, Weston
Supp club members: £11/£9/£5
Non members: £15/£13/£9

UPDATE 9.1.18

For many years Bath City Supporters Club has committed to organising and running coach travel to away fixtures. Unfortunately, and for a variety of reasons, the numbers travelling have dropped considerably in recent seasons and the average on board has dipped below the number necessary for a large coach. On half of the trips this season a smaller vehicle has been used, which we recognise is unpopular with many who previously travelled regularly.

The Supporters Club has therefore decided that it will only run the more comfortable larger coaches in future, for which a minimum of 22 bookings is required and the sliding scale of fares will apply if more travel. Should these run at a loss, they will continue to be subsidised.

Should the minimum number not be reached for a trip, Martin Brush is hoping to organise a smaller vehicle independent of the Supporters Club.
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