Club Legend: John Ernest 'Ernie' Thompson, 1930-31 & 1945+

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Club Legend: John Ernest 'Ernie' Thompson, 1930-31 & 1945+

Post by BabaAndrew on Wed May 06, 2015 7:22 am

I would be most grateful if anyone can share information about John Ernest 'Ernie' Thompson, who played for Bath City during 1930-31 and 1945+.

He was born 21 June 1909, at Newbiggin-by-Sea, Northumberland, and died 28 December 1985. See information on Wikipedia and under Bath City 'past players'.

The reason for my interest is that he served with my grandfather in the Army during the war. I am interested to know what happened to Ernie after the war and possibly to make contact with his family.

Any assistance shall be greatly appreciated!


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