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Hereford Bull

Post by Marc Monitor on Sat Dec 27, 2014 12:23 am

Just wondering what people thought about this. I have a soft spot for Hereford as my wife comes from there, I know what part the club plays in the city and I enjoyed going there when Cardiff played there. Also, it strikes me that they are a club that were in a situation that isn't dissimilar to what we could find ourselves in if we aren't very careful in the future. Non-leage club in a city roughly the same size, massive ground for their status and intermittent success but most a fair while ago. Of course, what is scary is that they were a fairly regular League club and were professional (although this may have been part of their demise). The last count was 50 players on their books although expect most of them were youngsters.

As usual, the 'When Saturday Comes' forum provides a very good run down on what's been happening if you haven't been aware. I'd say that the fact the supporters are behind a new team straight away, are (forgive the pun) united and strong and the council have repossessed the ground so no asset-stripping. It goes to show that a club is all about the supporters and, as long as those supporters are prepared to watch the team at whatever level even if it is in the local park, there is always going to be a clib even if you have to change the name a bit.
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