Sliding scale of fares

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Sliding scale of fares

Post by comrade powell on Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:25 pm

The fares for the SC coaches are based on the average number who travelled to league fixtures for the previous season. So for the present season 22 was the number used. Whenever this number is exceeded a profit is likely to be made on the trip and it should be possible to reduce fares - the more who travel the lower the fare. So far this season the following trips have seen the sliding scale applied (with the saving)

Gloucester £1
Hampton £2
Hendon £7
Oxford  £7
Braintree £6

We will always indicate in the days before the trip if the number of bookings exceeds the minimum number required for the sliding scale. However some supporters have asked why the SC doesn't advertise in advance what the sliding scale fare will be. While it is accepted that this may encourage more to travel, the problem could arise that supporters may be asked to pay more than they expected on the day if some who had booked did not turn up.
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